Iquitos, Peru


Big old tarantulas, small deadly scorpions and boa constrictors. Oh and it was all in the place I wanted to visit since childhood, The Amazon Jungle. Iquitos is the biggest city in the world that can’t be accessed by a single road. You have to sit on a boat for 5 days or fly. Stuck […]

Lima, Peru


There are many parts of Lima, some nicer than others to rest your head. We decided to stay in the upmarket Miraflores, ‘cos weme posh like that! Miraflores is a beautiful part of the city with parks including the ‘park of love’ which I assume isn’t a sexual thing, at least we didn’t see anything […]

Paracas, Peru


The smallest town I have probably visited on this trip and we favoured staying here over Pisco. Rightly so from what we saw too. Paracas is a really nice little quaint fishing village with just about enough restaurants and bars to entertain you for the few days you are there. The main reason we were […]

Nazca, Peru


A really quiet little town that has a couple of things to do but the main reason to go is to take the smallest plane you have ever been in and fly over the famous Nazca Lines. Museum Antonini With an afternoon to kill we headed to the museum in town. It’s pretty small but […]

Arequipa, Peru


I actually liked Arequipa for what it was. Its not quite as good as Cusco for history or the surrounding area but its still pretty nice. The big plus is that its not quite as ‘gringo’ ready, although still is full of bars and restaurants. Some of the architecture is stunning though and is very […]

The Inca Trail, Peru


Well, what can I say. One of the most amazing experiences of my life to date. The whole thing is one big challenge but a very rewarding one. I’m not even talking about Machu Picchu, I’m talking about the Inca Trail here. Stunning scenery, great group of people and mysterious historic place at the end […]

Cusco, Peru


The city where our Incan journey began. Filled with history at every corner you simply can’t get away from the cities charm and endless things to do. You could spend a month here and still have possible things to do in and around the city. I won’t get into the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu […]

Copacabana, Bolivia


Set on the shores of Lago Titicaca (come on, we aren’t 5 anymore! but hehe, titi AND caca, OK ill stop.) this beautiful little town offers lots and little at the same time. It’s the highest lake in South America and also said to be the highest lake in the world that can be navigated […]

La Paz, Bolivia


The notorious Death Road was survived (just about!!) even though I fell off half way down! La Paz is also the city where they used to run tours round the notorious San Pedro Prison thanks to an English drug smuggler. They no longer offer the tours as they were made illegal by the Bolivian government. […]

Uyuni, Bolivia


What an amazing 3 days in the worlds largest salt flat! It was freezing cold most of the time but the landscapes were truly phenomenal. The Town of Uyuni There really isn’t much to do here apart from book yourself on a tour to the Salar (salt flats). There was one amazing local restaurant near […]