Maracanã Madness


I was pretty gutted that I didn’t sort myself out in good time and get some tickets to the World Cup 2014. So with that in mind I got the chance to go to the Maracanã where the World Cup Final was played just 2 weeks earlier to see a local derby game in the […]

Argentinians in Full Song


So it was the final of the World Cup 2014 and we had made it down onto the Copacabana for the festivities 4 hours early! There were over 100,000 Argentinians on the beach for the final so I really can’t begin to image how many people there were in total. An amazing day in the […]

Fifa Fan Fest, Brazil 2014


So if you don’t know, I’m in Brazil for the World Cup. The video below was taken in the Fifa Fan Fest that has been set up in São Paulo amongst other cities. Watching Brazil play, and win, was a great experience. Everyone was really friendly even with a guy from Columbia, Sebastian, that was […]

La Bomba de Tiempo

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 22.36.55

Recommended by pretty much everyone including the guide books yet it still didn’t disappoint. Normally when a lot of people big something up to you it can sometimes turn out to be a little dull or not live up to your expectations. La Bomba however was exactly what I was expecting. Drums galore with a […]

Humming Bird, Santiago, Chile


Standing in the Zoo looking at El Oso (the bear) and a humming bird came along. At first attempt I thought I had missed the moment being slow on the draw with my camera but on the second attempt I caught it drinking nectar from a plant. My camera isn’t the best so forgive the […]

Aventura Nautica, Iguazu Falls


There is a nautical adventure at Iguazu National Park in Argentina. It’s basically a high powered boat that takes you up the rapids towards some huge waterfalls, then drives straight under the waterfall soaking everyone on the boat. Luckily we have a waterproof camera and got the whole thing videoed. Aventura Nautica, Iguazu Falls from […]

Daft Punk, Subte Style!


So we are on the Subte (Tube) in Buenos Aires when a little band walks on and starts playing their rendition of Daft Punk – Get Lucky. A fresh new way to listen to Daft Punk for sure, but for amount of times I have heard it on the radio I was glad of the […]

Buddhist Prayer Chant in Chiang Mai, Thailand


This video was taken at the very start of my South East Asia trip in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is of Buddhist monks praying inside a Wat. In Thailand the name for their temples are Wat’s. The Wat’s in Thailand are well worth a visit as they are lavishly decorated and Chiang Mai has some […]

Snake Village, Eating the beating heart, Hanoi


In light of Gordon Ramsay’s trip to Vietnam last week I though I would release the video you have all been waiting to see! In his show he ate the beating heart of a snake, quite reluctantly I might add, somewhere in Ho Chi Minh City. We arranged to go to snake village in Hanoi […]

Fireworks display Singapore, Chinese New Year 2011!


Singapore had a lot of making up to do after the police detained me for over 2 hours at the border. I’m sure you have read what happened, but if not have a read here. To be honest Chinese New Year was not quite what I expected. I expected to have a new year a […]