The Pantanal, Brazil


Swimming in Piranha and Caiman infested waters, Toucans and Macaws everywhere, I was in heaven! The guide book says: “If you want to see animals, go to the Pantanal. If you want to see jungle, go to the Amazon. Take a seat, this is a long one. Being a huge fan of wildlife and nature […]

Bonito, Brazil


It’s the Ronseal of Brazil, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Beautiful Bonito. We arrived to the nice little town and immediately booked 2 tours and found out the many activities you can do in Bonito and its surrounding areas. Balneário Municipal We rented bikes to cycle the 6KM out of Bonito. […]

Fortaleza, Brazil


After liking Natal so much Fortaleza was a bit of a let down. We stayed in a hostel in Iracema which is OK but not great. The beach is only a block away but again was OK. Huge shipping boats lined the shores and when we walked down the pier to get some photos its […]

Natal, Brazil


Probably the nicest of all the beach cities we have visited in the whole of Brazil, apart from obviously Rio de Janeiro which might not be beaten by any city in the world that has beaches. There are plenty of nicer little beach towns, like Porto de Galinhas, around Brazil but the beach cities have […]

Porto de Galinhas, Brazil


Now after the, not disappointment of Maceió, but the lack of points of interest, Porto de Galinhas was really nice. The beach was beautiful and sat behind the beach there was a quaint little town where they seemed obsessed with making famous people look like chickens, I kid you not. After the first afternoon there […]

Maceió, Brazil


Well, what can I say about Maceió? Its OK but there isn’t really anything to keep you there. The beach is, again, OK. But then again I’m probably comparing it to other places like Rio de Janeiro or Praia do Forte. One great thing did happen though when I had a stroll to the beach […]

Salvador, Brazil


Back to Salvador for a couple of days to experience the madness that is a Tuesday night. Yes, a Tuesday. We also went to see a turtle conservation project (Projeto Tamar) at Praia do Forte about 2 hours down the coast from Salvador. Projeto Tomar We made the mistake of taking the local bus to […]

Lençóis, Brazil


Breaking down on highways where robberies are common was a scary moment at the end of two very beautiful days. As we found out though, there are some people in this world still there to help others in their time of need, 3 very kind Brazilians helped us that night, but it all started with […]

Salvador, Brazil


After the drama on the bus just north of Rio de Janeiro we weren’t looking forward to travelling to the city with the most fearsome reputation in Brazil. Salvador is mentioned in the guide books as the place in Brazil you are most likely going to get mugged. We stayed in the old colonial part […]

Arraial d’Ajuda, Brazil


Not far at all from Porto Seguro is the small beach town of Arriail D’Ajuda. It’s so small there is one bus route that goes round in a circle. You can arrive via a passenger ferry from Porto Seguro for next to nothing and then return back for free. I said there is slightly more […]