Photo of the Week, Skulls of the Killing Fields, Cambodia


The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh are probably the most depressing place to visit in Cambodia. The realisation that mass killing of their own people went on not that long ago. Knowing that it was only 40 odd years ago it gives the place a certain edge. You can walk around past the mass graves […]

Photo of the Week, Rabbit Island


This photo was taken on Rabbit Island just off the coast of mainland Cambodia. Rabbit Island, as you can tell, is a beautiful little island and you can still see Cambodia when you’re there. The hills in the background of this photo are Cambodia. When you arrive on Rabbit Island you instantly see that it […]

Battambong, Cambodia, March 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… I got an early bus to Battambong and got there in about 4 hours. I got a room in Chhya hotel and went for a walk around and food. I got ripped off at the market for average food, falang prices for sure! After a walk around and […]

Siem Reap, Cambodia, March 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… I got to Siem Reap at 6AM after an uneventful 10 hour bus journey. I got a Tuk-Tuk to Garden Village and got my own room, the first time in a while, and slept through until 4PM. I went to eat at the bar and bumped into Juan […]

Bamboo Island, Cambodia, March 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… Hangover central on the boat over but everyone held it together for the hour long boat trip. The amount of sea water I got slapped in my face must of woke me up! We got to Bamboo and saw the paradise we had been looking for. It was […]

Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… I got to Shnooky around 1PM after a 2 hour mini bus from Kampot. I walked up to Monkey Republik and got a room in the dorm. I left the room to go eat only to come back and find someone’s bags on my bed. I took them […]

Kampot, Cambodia, March 2010


What I did… Skip to the images… After leaving Rabbit Island I found myself back in Kep and booked a bus to Kampot straight away. I got to Kampot after the 30 minute bus ride and got a moto-taxi to Bodhi Villa 2KM out of town. I got a room and chilled out in the […]

Rabbit Island, Cambodia, March 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… I got the 30 minute boat across to rabbit island and got a small hut for $6 with a view of the beach and sea. From our side of the island we could still see Cambodia. With not much to do on the island I headed to get […]

Kep, Cambodia, March 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… I arrived in Kep after a 4 hour bus ride which was uneventful apart from me keep thinking we were going to get hi-jacked and robbed due to all the old, rich, German tourists around me. I got a moto-taxi for a $1 to help me find cheap […]

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, March 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… I left for the airport in Bali 12 hours before my flight as it was the last shuttle bus to the airport before my 6AM flight to Kuala Lumpur. Soooo the 11 hours that were spent in the airport were uneventful but very uncomfortable! After scratching my head […]