Food of the World

A list of food I have tried, maybe cooked myself but definitely enjoyed! There are some really great dishes around the world to try, get out there and try some of these!


Action shot eating Churrasco meat.

O.M.G. Heaven. Need I say more? So I went to a Churrascaria (name of the type of restaurant) in Porto Alegre, Brazil for the first time the other day. They basically offer a buffet that you never have to get out of your seat for. Churrasco is a Portuguese term for barbecued meat, traditionally, I’m […]


An amazing looking Chorrillana - Image credits to

A heart attack on a plate if ever there was one. There is no getting away from it, it’s not healthy in any way shape or form. A big plate of fries topped with meat, topped with fried onions, topped with either eggs, cheese or both (I would imagine). A very popular dish with the […]

Thai Green Curry

Green Curry made on a cooking course in Chiang Mai

Amazing but not for the faint hearted as this dish really kicks back with spice. Best eat off the street vendors in Bangkok or Chiang Mai you can pick up a green curry for next to nothing. Made from a mixture of garlic, chillies (lots of chillies!), kaffir lime, coconut milk and served with rice […]