La Bomba de Tiempo

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Recommended by pretty much everyone including the guide books yet it still didn’t disappoint. Normally when a lot of people big something up to you it can sometimes turn out to be a little dull or not live up to your expectations. La Bomba however was exactly what I was expecting. Drums galore with a […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina


So with the borders being closed to go by bus we decided to bite the proverbial bullet and fly. Sat next to a guy that was flying for the first time in his life, he was easily over 40 and asked me to collect all of the sick bags for him just in case. He […]

Daft Punk, Subte Style!


So we are on the Subte (Tube) in Buenos Aires when a little band walks on and starts playing their rendition of Daft Punk – Get Lucky. A fresh new way to listen to Daft Punk for sure, but for amount of times I have heard it on the radio I was glad of the […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina


The story starts in London, Heathrow. Not a great start either. Book a one way ticket we thought, come back when we want we thought… Until you try to check in for your flight that is and you have no proof you are ever going to leave Argentina! No proof, no flight! Blind panic sets […]