Pin Cushion Arms


Fact: I hate injections. When I visited Southeast Asia back in 2010 I had just turned twenty and I didn’t bother with any vaccinations. I then witnessed my travel buddy get bitten by a monkey on a remote island and we shrugged our shoulders and prayed she wasn’t foaming at the mouth in the morning… […]

Learning a New Language


OK, so it comes as no surprise that learning another language takes hard work, dedication and a lot of perseverance. I’m currently trying to learn Spanish in South America and I’m learning everyday, or as close as everyday, on an app called DuoLingo and trying to speak with locals and people in the hostel to […]

Eating and Travelling


Sometimes while you are travelling there are days where you eat the most amazing food you can imagine. I’m talking Thai green curry off the streets of Chiang Mai or a Bife de Chorizo in an Argentinian Parrilla. You could even be tucking into a Full English breakfast or a Sunday Roast in my home […]