Photo of the Week, Skulls of the Killing Fields, Cambodia


The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh are probably the most depressing place to visit in Cambodia. The realisation that mass killing of their own people went on not that long ago. Knowing that it was only 40 odd years ago it gives the place a certain edge. You can walk around past the mass graves […]

Photo of the Week, Mt Merapi at Dawn, Java, Indonesia


Starting out at 3 am we began our ascent of Mt Merapi. Pitch black but still warm we made our way up the 1st steep climb to the top of the village. I was still feeling under the weather from a cold, I went on, regardless of the lack of Lemsips in Indonesia! After a […]

Photo of the Week, Scorpion, Cameron Highlands


There were quite a few different animals that I held for the first time on this trip. The Scorpion, King Cobra and various spiders. Take a look at the coffee plantations and the rest of the bugs I got to hold in the Cameron Highlands

Photo of the Week, Singapore Harbour, Singapore


This has to be the best photo of a city I took the whole time I was traveling Asia. Forget the beaches for a minute, Singapore is beautiful. It is one of the best cities I have ever been to and to add to that we were there for Chinese New Year. Staying in China […]

Photo of the Week, Walking Street, Pattaya


Probably the most seedy place on earth. Walking Street is definitely one of those streets to people watch! Looking quite tame in the photo, it is anything but! Find out what we got up to there, here.

Top 5 Things to do In Bali, Indonesia


Now the first thing that will probably spring to mind when you think of top things to do in Bali is surfing. Unless your on holiday and are only spending time in Bail then there are better places in Indonesia to learn to surf (and a lot cheaper!). This is the top 5 things that […]

Photo of the Week, Jase takes a Dive!


This remains one of the funniest memories I have of my 6 moths in Asia. This is how I told the story at the time, read the full post here: “So we went to Seven Wells Waterfall down the road slightly early. It turned out to be fun and also very funny as Jason’s expense. […]

Top 5 Things To Do In and Around Chiang Mai, Thailand


Chiang Mai has to be one of the most traveled places in Thailand. Backpacker heaven can be found in and around Chiang Mai with it’s laid back approach to life. There is so much to do in and around Chiang Mai that we stayed there for 3 weeks, and even after 6 months of traveling […]

Photo of the Week, Duck and Cover, Mui Ne


Mui Ne is a nice little town in the middle of Vietnam. The beach is amazing there and for us, it was the point at which we crossed from rainy north Vietnam into sunny south Vietnam. We decided to hire motorbikes out and visit the local sand dunes which are a must see. This photo […]

Photo of the Week, Gold Leaf Buddha, Golden Palace, Bangkok


This week I have selected something a little different. This is a small Buddha in the center of the Golden Palace, Bangkok. Buddhists take a small section of gold leaf and place it on the Buddha after praying. In my time in Asia I saw so many Buddha’s it was unreal but this was one […]