Bangkok, October 2010

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After id settled into NapPark Hostel on Khao San Road Ed came to meet me to show me around with his Thai friend Dee. We went for some great food (morning glory: chicken, veg, oyster sauce, chilli) and then had a wonder around the Koh San area to get my bearings and see what was about. Jason was not feeling too great when I arrived so he was bed ridden for the 1st day and night I was in Bangkok.

Me, Ed, Dee and another Thai girl Yo went out on the night for a few games of pool and a few beers in a bar on Khao San, by this time I was feeling tired from all the travelling. After playing pool we all decided to call it a night so went back to my hostel, on returning to the hostel I bumped into three German girls from Hamburg. After chatting for a while we tagged on a German, Italian and Irish guy. We all decided it would be a good idea to go for more beers! So off we went until 4am!

Eventually after about 30 hours with no sleep I got to bed and was out cold until about 11.30 am… check out was at 12! Mega rush to get out on time, but I made it. Just!

We decided it was time to eat, so we went and met Jason near his place. He was still feeling a little under the weather but well enough to show his face to sunlight! I walked up to the counter and asked for what I thought were normal chicken skewers… after sitting back down feeling pretty good about myself I got a weird look off Dee and the comment “you eat that?”… OK! alarm bells ringing… turns out it was chicken ass rolled up and bbq’d! Did I eat it? If you know me you will know the answer! haha…

Me, Ed and Jase then went for a walk to Wat Ratchanatda, about 15 mins away. Had a look around and got some photos of the area. After walking back we met up with Dee again and went for some more food… we were leaving for Chiang Mai at 6pm so wanted to say bye to Dee before we went.

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