Kampot, Cambodia, March 2010

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After leaving Rabbit Island I found myself back in Kep and booked a bus to Kampot straight away. I got to Kampot after the 30 minute bus ride and got a moto-taxi to Bodhi Villa 2KM out of town. I got a room and chilled out in the bar for the rest of the day reading and chatting away. 

I got a motorbike the next day to explore the surrounding area and went in search of temples and a waterfall. The waterfall had no water so that was a quick stop off and then back on the road. I took the road back towards Kep and found a remote temple and stopped to take some photos. It was not the temple I came to look for so back down the road and saw the sign pointing off the main road through farms down a dirt track. I went round in a huge U shape and asked if I was going the right way twice, I got the same response and carried on only to find the main road again. If there was a temple down there it was extremely well hidden as there was only one road! I headed back to Kep to see the crab market as id missed it on my last visit. Oohhhh crab paste everywhere! I headed back to Kampot and brought some supplies from the shop. Played some pool at Bodhi and had an amazing Beer Laos battered fish ‘n’ chips. Beer, bed.

The next 24 hours were just time to chill out in the bar reading and talking away. One of the guys in Bodhi got $60 stolen by a Cambodian kid so the investigation started! Chilled all day taking a swim in the river to cool off.

The day we had all been waiting for was here, Friday night in Bodhi Villa is the night to be there. After another day of doing next to nothing we all got to the bar around 7PM and I bumped into Joe that I met in Phnom Penh. After a few beers the live music started, Hugh the owner got us underway with a few songs from Team America and a few other covers. He was joined by a singer and also a guy playing violin. Two of the English guys in Bodhi were in a band and got up to do a set. Hugh got back on and played until the free tequila started! Everyone decided it was time for a dip in the river and we got changed and jumped in. Swimming in the river at night is amazing, it’s full of tiny plankton that when moved through the water they glow bright neon green. Never seen anything like it, the same can be seen night diving in Thailand. Back to the bar and after a few more beers I hit the hay. Instant sleep! 

Saturday was spent recovering from the night before and again I did next to nothing apart from eat and drink. I nursed my Angkover (national beer is Angkor… see what I did with the pun? hangover… angkover? ahh forget it.) with some more Angkor and got an early night. My bus to Sihanoukville was the next morning.

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