Sucre, Bolivia

The road between Sucre and Santa Cruz is supposedly a nightmare journey and is billed as taking anywhere between 15 and 25 hours! So we cheated and flew. Sucre is a beautiful little city set on the top of some hills and we got a great view flying in at dusk.

Cafe Florin

The route to my happiness is through my stomach and a great breakfast goes a long way to making my day a good one.

Their take on the full english was, for me, astoundingly good. Its not ‘Bolivian cheap’ but it sure was worth it.

Around the City

Starting in the central Plaza which is full with children and dogs both chasing the masses of pigeons.

The plaza is pretty stunning to be fair with huge trees, fountains and monuments to national heroes.

Museo de la Liberdad is a nice place to visit to get an insight to Bolivian history but as usual its all in Spanish so I only got half the story.

From there we headed towards the bus station to look at camping gear on a market but found little to nothing worth buying for our upcoming Salar de Uyuni trip and Machu Picchu.

There is an amazing view once back into the centre. If you walk into the government building within the main plaza, then scale all of the stairs up to the top you really are treated.

You could easily be looking over the rooftops of a small European town. If you go right to the top, up the rickety metal staircase, you get a full 360 degree view of the city and the hills its built upon. Beautiful view.

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