Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, January 2011

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We checked out of our hostel in Patong and got the minibus to the pier, on the way the random guy next to me, who had obviously had too much from the night before, decided he needed to be sick. After switching seats with him and getting the window open he sorted himself out down the side of the minibus! Waste of space!

After the hour journey to Phi Phi we set about finding a cheap place to stay. Daz and Skitt watched the bags while me Ad and Cliff hunted high and low over the island to find a place. We walked in and out of countless places only to find everywhere was full. We got lost down a hill top road and eventually went back to the 1st place and managed to get a cancellation room for 600 Baht each (Which is double what I could afford).

We settled in with some food and a few games of pool. We all played against some Thai guys for beers, they were awful and ended up getting us about 7 beers. After a few beers in town we headed to the Apache beach bar to throw some shapes on the sand. I fell off the stage into the sand and got helped up by everyone around me! I had lost the lads at this point and had befriended a group of Swedish people. I eventually decided to go in search of our hotel, but for the life of me could not remember how to get back. I walked up and down the beach front searching for our side street off but failed 6 times. Eventually found the 7/11 a street back and knew my way back from there.

Next day we had a walk round to find a cheaper place to stay but everywhere was still full. We even took a boat to the other side of the island to find a place but it was too far out of town. So we ended up staying in the same place for the price. All 5 of us in one room with two beds… cozy! After booking our trip to Maya Bay for the next day we chilled around the pool listening to beats put on by the Thai barman Bee (Who we later found out was quite a character!). All out for a meal on the beach which was so hot I could not eat it! Chili all over! Pool back at our hotel and chilled out.

For Cliff’s birthday we went to Maya Bay where the film ‘The Beach’ was filmed. The place is absolutely stunning and we had the whole beach, bar a few other tourists, to ourselves. We snorkeled with marine fish off the coast and got swarmed when we took a handful of Pringles into the water. Had a brief stop off on Monkey Island to feed them Bananas and Pepsi of all things! Back to mainland and after a chill out by the pool me, Daz, Ad and Cliff walked up to the viewpoint. Took ages to get there but the view from the top was well worth it. Back to the hotel and a few beers to start off Cliff’s birthday night, got ready and headed out to the Irish Pub. I lost everyone on the way but managed to catch up with them soon after. Down to Apache bar again for the beach party and a few buckets of Samsung, M150 and Coke. Lethal buckets! Managed to find the hotel on the 1st attempt tonight!

All up the next day to check out and head to Krabi/Ao Nang on the ferry. We sat around waiting for the next ferry for 3 hours eating burgers to bring us all back to a level head. Find out next what happened in Krabi/Ao Nang…

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