Salvador, Brazil

After the drama on the bus just north of Rio de Janeiro we weren’t looking forward to travelling to the city with the most fearsome reputation in Brazil.

Salvador is mentioned in the guide books as the place in Brazil you are most likely going to get mugged. We stayed in the old colonial part of the city, Pelourinho, though that was really beautiful and there was police on every corner. You would walk past one set of officers then could see the next set waiting at the next corner.

The amount of police around probably tells you everything you need to know about Salvador but honestly at no point did I feel threatened or on edge about anything or anyone. Still, there were a couple of deserted streets we didn’t venture down just in case, keep your wits about you and you should be fine there.

There are a lot of beautiful buildings around the Pelourinho area including a few different churches. We arrived on a Sunday so were lucky enough to catch the start of a service, they were singing at the top of their voices, very entertaining.

There are some beautiful views of the bay from a couple of locations too, one is a viewpoint just round the corner from the main square and the other in a cafe, Cafelier, in the opposite direction.

We didn’t venture much outside this area of the city this time but knew we would return after an adventure in Lençóis.

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