Iquique, Chile


Iquique is a very strange but beautiful city. It is pinned to the coast by some huge mountains that provide a beautiful backdrop. The coast sweeps round full of pelicans and sea lions basking in the sun. A great beach with some huge waves hogged by many people practicing their surfing. There really isn’t that […]

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


San Pedro de Atacama is the desert, not only that but it’s the driest place on earth (Atacama Desert). It’s dry, it’s dusty and before long your lips are chapped, your nose is full of dust and you begin to realise just how baron the landscape is. The desert itself covers 600 square miles over […]

La Serena, Chile


When you get off a bus at 5:30AM, the last thing you want is your hostel to be closed until 7AM. Waiting around in the bus station and the same in the hostel, by the time we could check in at 11AM I could hardly keep my eyes open. So we slept until about 3PM […]

Viña del Mar y Valparaiso, Chile


Over charged in a taxi and the worst burger of my life started Viña off well. Walking Tour Made our way to Valparaiso on a local bus with a driver that thought we were on the converted streets of Monaco for the F1. We were not, but we sure got there quick! We took corners […]

Humming Bird, Santiago, Chile


Standing in the Zoo looking at El Oso (the bear) and a humming bird came along. At first attempt I thought I had missed the moment being slow on the draw with my camera but on the second attempt I caught it drinking nectar from a plant. My camera isn’t the best so forgive the […]

Santiago, Chile


After hearing a mixed bag of reviews on Santiago I was looking forward to seeing how I felt about the city. In the end I actually liked the place but it had it’s major downsides though. The smog in the city had us coughing, eyes itching and throats scratching. When we went high up in […]

Pucón, Chile


So after the drama of the last blog in Bariloche (no show taxi and only just making our bus) we set off towards Chile. We arrived at the border and all off to get stamped out of Argentina, then drove for around 30 mins in no-mans-land through the mountains to the Chilean border. All the […]