Photo of the Week, Mt Merapi at Dawn, Java, Indonesia


Starting out at 3 am we began our ascent of Mt Merapi. Pitch black but still warm we made our way up the 1st steep climb to the top of the village. I was still feeling under the weather from a cold, I went on, regardless of the lack of Lemsips in Indonesia! After a […]

Top 5 Things to do In Bali, Indonesia


Now the first thing that will probably spring to mind when you think of top things to do in Bali is surfing. Unless your on holiday and are only spending time in Bail then there are better places in Indonesia to learn to surf (and a lot cheaper!). This is the top 5 things that […]

Photo of the Week, Masked Children in Bali, Indonesia


Bali is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. The scenery is always stunning and the sun almost always shining, while I was there anyway! Taking a minute from looking at the rice paddies and amazing architecture some local children masked themselves in front of our tour guide for a quick snap. […]

Bali, Indonesia, February 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… We arrived in Bali after a 30 minute ferry ride and get straight on the local bus to the capital. As Marcus’ icy facade started to melt I could see it was taking longer than it should. The woman next to Jase fell asleep on him! We arrived […]

Bromo & Ijen, Indonesia, February 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… Bus to Bromo took 10 hours, music, read, done. Got to Bromo and booked a volcano trek for the next morning at 4AM! Not again! We got accommodation way up in the mountains and as we stepped out the van realised that everything was covered in ash! Bromo […]

Jogjakarta, Indonesia, February 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… The trip to Jogja was eventful enough with us setting off from Pandangaran early in the morning by walking to the local bus stop. We got the bus that could hold about 20 people and set off on our way to the train station. The road to the […]

Jakarta, Bandung & Pandangaran, Indonesia, February 2011


What I did… I spent my flight over from Bintan to Jakarta speaking to a guy from Norway called Jorgen. After finding separate accommodation due to budget differences we agreed to meet to dinner and few beers that night. After dinner at a local food store we headed to a bar to meet people he […]

Bintan, Indonesia, February 2011


What I did… Skip to the images… We arrived at Bintan after a 2 hour ferry from Singapore. Me and Brogan went our separate way from Jase and found a taxi for a cheap price to take us to Trikora Beach. After about 10 minutes in the taxi the driver pulls over to the side […]