Photo of the Week, Mt Merapi at Dawn, Java, Indonesia

Starting out at 3 am we began our ascent of Mt Merapi. Pitch black but still warm we made our way up the 1st steep climb to the top of the village. I was still feeling under the weather from a cold, I went on, regardless of the lack of Lemsips in Indonesia!

After a brief stop to take on water we set off again, this time the concrete turned into jungle. The next 3 vertical miles were all on jungle paths. 2 hours of walking later and we reach the summit.

To climb the last 500m we had to wait for day break. Sat huddled together due to the freezing temperature at altitude. Just after 5 am the sun began to rise. We were above the clouds so had no obstructions, the sun engulfed the area. A haze of yellows, blues and oranges hit us.

One of the most beautiful moments of my life. Picture perfect, a memory that will last for a lifetime.

Read what happened in full, here.


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  • steve

    That is pretty cool you did Mt Merapi. I also did while I was in Indonesia.. There were very few of us that went up mostly Indonesians, myself and another lad from England. Ive actually started writing a new novel about my experience in Indonesia… first part focusing on Merapi and the whole adventure of it in fake crocs! lol. It was a bloody beautfiul sunrise. I would love to go back to Indonesia.. Feel I got short changed by the lack of time I had there… And. I met the most wonderful woman as well.. we spent a year together. That place gave me a lot of goodness within. Especially the Shakes at the Freedom Bar on Gili Air. lol.