Hoi An, Vietnam, December 2010

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Arrived in Hoi An in the afternoon and got a hotel… with a pool! Went out into town to eat and ended up in a bar playing Chicken Goggles and the ‘Animal Clap Game’… after there we headed to a bar, that was a room with a pool table and put on our own music via YouTube. Me and Eva put on the Danish Dj, Trentmoller and danced around like muppets. Shane had run off with his room key so on the 1st night we had met Marcus he was sharing a bed with Ed! Haha. 

Next day I headed into town to look for some suits and an overcoat. Also had a little explore around on my push bike. Did not feel like shopping today so continued to explore the city. Got back to the hotel and had an early dinner on my own. They brought out the wrong dish twice, on the 3rd attempt I gave up! There was chicken on the plate, why not, ill eat it anyway! Watched football with Marcus and Shane then off to bed.

Next day I was in shopping mode and ordered a suit, overcoat and two shirts, all tailored to fit perfectly! Had a couple of fittings that day and got everything looking good. It did not stop raining all day so when we went out for food the river was flooded. We ate a street back, and of course played more pool! We all sang Happy Birthday to Irene as she was 24 today! 

Next day went into town with Shane and Marcus for our final fitting for the new wardrobe we had brought. Really happy with all the clothes! Cheaper than you could imagine! While we waited to pick up our suits Chris, Shane, Marcus and me went to play some 2 on 2 football at a basketball court we found. 1st piece of exercise in 2 months, we were all on the floor after about 20 mins! We picked up our suits and then went back to get ready. All of us out for food and then onto Why Not? bar. Played the most epic game of Chicken Goggles, we had a small crowd gathered asking to join in, at one point the circle was 20 people strong. Me and Eva then invented our own game, that only us know the rules so far… Head Tilt No Laughing Game… OK so the name needs a little work but we enjoy the game, even if no-one else gets it at all! 

So after all this I arrange to meet Irene at 10AM the next morning to go see Marble Mountain. Only problem was that we got in at 6AM and I was still a little drunk at that point. So 1PM rolls around and it turns out she had been waiting in my reception for the last 3 hours! SHIT! Went to Marble Mountain and had a good day, some great views from the top! Sat on the beach for a while then biked it back. Marcus and Shane had their own bikes and as me and Marcus started off in front did not see Shane break down. We went another 2KM down the road before we realised he was missing. I told Marcus to stay put and I will go look for him… no sign of him at all… got back to the spot id left Marcus to wait… no sign of him now! Waited for 5 mins and Marcus turned up and we headed back to Guest House to see if Shane would turn up. He eventually did on the back of a locals bike! His bike ran out of fuel and got brought back by a passing local guy. After recovering his bike back to the hostel we set about having a “Man Night”, Biggest/Best Burger in town (it was huge and really was amazing), a few beers and then ProEvo at a local game store. 

On our last day in Hoi An we went to the market for a little Xmas shopping to send some gifts and a card home. Mooched around the market for an hour or so haggling for everything in sight! On way back Ed, Shane, Marcus and me had a few 3000 Dong beers, which is 10p by the way! They were actually really good beers, and for 10p it would be rude to only have 1! We all met for an Indian and then Chris and Kash went to pick up the last of their clothes while we all headed back to get the bus to Nha Trang. Chris and Kash almost missed the bus, we held it up as long as we could and they just made it as the bus driver was loosing it!

The 14 hour bus to Nha Trang was horrid, even after 5 herbal Valium I could not sleep! We got to Nha Trang at 6AM…

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