Hue, Vietnam, December 2010

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So I wake up in the middle of the night and we are broken down at the side of the road! Rather than get another bus to us to take us to Hue, we waited road side until it was fixed! So 9 hours later we get back under way. We eventually made it to Hue but ended up being a full 12 hours late, a total of 24 hours on a bus! 

We booked into a dorm at Hue backpackers and had just missed Happy Hour! Me and Jase settled into our dorm room with Ed having to go into another dorm. 

As a side note I want to quickly mention a guy who was in my dorm called Sid. He was from England and must of been 70 if he was a day. He was in amongst 20 something year old’s and loved every minute of it. He was a great guy but either seemed to be, or was, drunk the whole time we were there. Never the less a very interesting character that deserved a mention.

We headed down for some food and met up with Chris and Kash who we had met off our harrowing bus journey.

We had a few beers while playing At the Races we had been taught previously by Miss Palmieri. After a few games we headed down the road to a nearby bar to play some pool and throw some shapes across the dance floor. A Vietnamese guy tried to hustle me at pool but I ended up taking 400,000 dong off him (about £12). He was not impressed, I was pretty happy and brought everyone a beer. 

Next day we explored the city on push bikes with Chris, Kash, Emma, Ed and Jase. We saw the most communist building possibly imagined! It was just a huge block with communist flags on the top. 

We headed back for happy hour which was 5-6 and was free beer for the whole hour. Only rule was, one bottle at a time, bring back your empty bottle and get a fresh one! We had a group of around 20 of us sat round playing At the Races. In the hour we managed enough beer to keep us going for a short while. 

We headed out to a different bar that left me, Ed and Eva standing. We sat down outside and got chatting to a group who were playing an unusual drinking game called Chicken Goggles. Basically you use your hands as ‘Chicken Goggles’ and make a sound like a chicken to pass the move on around the circle. It was one of the funniest games I have ever seen, and taken part in. Funny! Also no surprise, as you shall find out soon, we have played it many more times! 

On our last day in Hue we watched Anchorman and then got the bus to Hoi An… 

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  • kash

    what about your whiskers? you forgot to mention that you forgot that you were wearing them while you were playing pool with the VIetmaneese guy. Poor sod, didnt expect to be beaten by a drunk guy with whiskers painted on his face lol

    • Jack

      hahaha Kash, I had totally forgotten that I had whiskers on my face while I was playing! To be honest I had forgotten I had the nickname of whiskers! you have just brought some memories flooding back! x