Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, January 2011

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After a terrifying minibus journey where the driver did not drive below 120KMPH the whole way, round bends, up hills, down hills, the whole time, we got to the cold misty town. North Face jacket on!

We had a walk around town to find our bearings and to book our ticket to Singapore. Had some amazing local food and then set out to find the famous strawberry ice creme. After some pretty good ice creme we got banana cake too. A walk around and then back to the hostel to chill out and book the next days tour around the plantations. Out for a curry and then back to the hostel to watch some TV. Marcus mincing about, Sweden is definitely the gayest nation on earth! And then, he went to the toilet and fell over!

Up early the next day to visit the local area on a tour. Up into the mountains and got taught all about the tea in the plantations. They were vast acres of land all owned by two people. We walked through a tropical rain forest and got some pretty cool pictures amongst the clouds. Up the observation tower but being a cloudy day there was nothing to observe, so back down and to the bug farm. Held a scorpion, a huge beetle and then walked through a butterfly farm. Back to town for lunch and then got picked back up for the afternoon. A small local market was next and then to a rose garden. Chinese Buddhist temple and then to a museum to see some local artifacts.

As we got outside of the museum and Brogan got onto one of the small car rides you see outside shopping areas back home for kids. I saw my opportunity and took it. I quickly found the money required and before she could get off it started to go around. Much to Brogan’s embarrassment the whole of our tour group watched on, I got a video too (I would put it up but Indonesian computers don’t play ball!). Finally we went to a strawberry farm and me, having worked in one before, was not impressed too much so we all sat in the cafe eating waffles with strawberry sauce!

Back to town and out for dinner, back to the hostel and to bed, a very long but interesting day!

Up early the next day to get the bus down to Singapore for Chinese New Year in a few days time. Believe me, you want to read that blog!

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