Buenos Aires, Argentina

So with the borders being closed to go by bus we decided to bite the proverbial bullet and fly. Sat next to a guy that was flying for the first time in his life, he was easily over 40 and asked me to collect all of the sick bags for him just in case. He was fine, no sick, thank god. Flying over the Andes at sunset was absolutely stunning.

La Bomba de Tiempo

2014-06-02-20.08.14-HDR La Bomba de Tiempo (Time Bomb) is a show of various percussion instruments held in the Konex Center, Buenos Aires. The price of this show has been slowly rising for the last few years due to its popularity between locals and travellers alike. I will post a video very soon of the beats theses guys were hammering out but for now take my word for it, it was pretty cool.

Orange Bike Tour

We decided to take a guided tour to the south of the city as the other walking tours had not covered La Boca. Saw the stadium La Bombonera and I got the Boca Juniors shirt as a souvenir. Cycled to an artisan market and had stroll round then I played a game of 1 on 1 football with a guy from Uruguay in a parks mini goals. I won of course, 5-2. England 1 – Uruguay 0, lets hope the World Cup offers a similar scoreline!

San Telmo Market

2014-06-08-15.32.59-HDR The market starts, or ends depending on your view, at Plaza Dorrego and runs the whole length of Defensa to Plaza de Mayo. It spans probably around 15-20 blocks, but trying to walk it quickly on a Sunday is not possible. There are many types of stalls selling a range of odds and sods, arts and crafts, the usual market staples, most of which is not really for a traveller to pick up unless you are going to send them back to your home country. I brought a traditional Mate (pronounced ma-tay) cup so I can drink out of something different at some point.

Waiting Game

Waiting for a parcel to arrive from the UK was painful. 10 days later and still no parcel so we decided to do something about it ourselves. We went down to the post office to be told we had to wait another 5-8 days. I pleaded we were leaving the country the next day and miraculously we were told after a 2 hour wait in reception that we could go back the next day and pick it up.

Next day we wait for our ticket to pick up the parcel. Then we stand in line to get our ticket stamped. Then we wait with our stamped ticket to pay for the privilege of picking up the parcel. Then, you guessed it, we wait. And wait. And wait. We watch a screen waiting for our number to appear to signal the parcel is ready to be collected, it was like sitting in Argos. Luckily there was a screen next to the one with the numbers trying to entertain people. The 3rd music video that came on was “Please Mr. Postman”. The irony was lost on everyone.

Colonia Express

DSC04575 With our parecl in hand it was time to get out of Buenos Aires as quick as we could. We booked a boat to Uruguay the next day and made our way to Colonia del Sacramento. The boat over there was rocky to say the least. It was like being on an hour long roller-coaster! Even I was starting to feel sick near the end.

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