Photo of the Week, King Cobra, Malaysia

Ill set the scene for you with this photo. We are looking over a wall at a Cobra and I ask “Is that a King?”. I hear the reply “No.”. The next thing we know, I use the term loosely, the ‘small’ Cobra of about 6 foot has been removed and less than 2 foot in front of us is a 12 foot King Cobra! I’m a bit of a snake fan so the camera was straight out.

The photo below was taken as I was backing up away from the King coming towards me. This thing could move fast and the handler was constantly having to slow it down in front of me. You can’t even see half of the snake in this picture so you can imagine how big it actually is! Just to confirm that yes it is a King Cobra, and yes it has been let loose in a confined space with about 15 people stood around!

The monkey’s that were directly in the King’s path were luckily caged and out of reach, they still did not hesitate on getting as far away from it as possible!

You can read the full blog about our trip to the ‘Snake Farm’ in Penang, Malaysia, here.


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