Snake Village, Eating the beating heart, Hanoi

In light of Gordon Ramsay’s trip to Vietnam last week I though I would release the video you have all been waiting to see! In his show he ate the beating heart of a snake, quite reluctantly I might add, somewhere in Ho Chi Minh City. We arranged to go to snake village in Hanoi and found out the hard way that eating beating hearts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

I happen to be a huge snake fan but decided that it was a once in a lifetime activity. If I did not take part I would regret it. So the evening starts and the ‘rules’ of the evening were explained.

1. Free rice whiskey all night, as much as you can drink.
2. If you want a shot of rice whiskey, you must announce it to the room.
3. Everyone on their feet with a shot in hand.
4. Everyone downs a shot each and every time anyone wants one.

As you can tell it got messy. Anyway, check out the video of me eating the heart out of the snake! If you cant see the video here, watch it on youTube.

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